Why SMSF DataFlow?

SuperStream is now up and running and SMSFs need to be ready to receive employer super contributions using the Government's SuperStream Data and Payment Standard. 

While SuperStream will make superannuation a lot easier in the longer term, as with any change of this kind, there is extra work involved in compliance and implementation.  SMSF DataFlow removes that extra work with a solution that's entirely free of charge.

SMSF DataFlow is powered by technology leaders in the SMSF industry. The solution provides the following benefits:

  • it's free of charge
  • it only requires one-off simple registration – no subscription or renewal periods
  • it's not locked down to any bank account
  • accountants can be using any SMSF software package
  • data can be accessed quickly from any device, anywhere, anytime
  • trustees can share data with their accountant/administrator via a simple on-line process


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