Trustee Registration

Being SuperStream compliant is easy with SMSF DataFlow. Simply register, download your ESA notification, and send it directly to your employer. 

To register, you will need your SMSF’s ABN, so that as your message service provider, we can identify your fund and receive contribution messages via SMSF DataFlow. Once your contributions start flowing, you will be able to view and track all contributions made to your SMSF.

SMSF DataFlow also allows you to invite your accountant or specialist SMSF administrator to access your contribution information. This will allow them to download the contribution data needed to complete your accounts.

To register with SMSF DataFlow, follow the simple steps below.

You will need:
Fund ABN
Employer name
Employer email
Your accountant's email
Your Name
Your name as it is recorded in your SMSF
This is the email address to which all contact from SMSF DataFlow will be sent. It is also the UserName for logging on to SMSF DataFlow.
Fund ABN
The ABN of your SMSF (Not for your business or SMSF trustee)
Fund Name
This is looked up based on the ABN. Please confirm that it is correct.
Create a password
The password for logging on SMSF DataFlow - this must be at least 8 characters. Must contain one uppercase letter, one lowercase letter, one number and one non-alphanumeric character.
Re-enter password
Confirmation of the Password entered above.
Terms and Conditions