Fair use policy

SMSF DataFlow is operated by Class Super Pty Ltd (Class) on behalf of its clients and partners. To ensure the continued availability of our services, we have a 'Fair Use Policy' to make sure our services are not subject to misuse.

Excessive Use
Excessive use is a continuing and unreasonably disproportionate use of the service when compared to other users. In the case of SMSF DataFlow Services, use in excess of ten times the average usage of all customers is considered excessive use. Without limiting other factors that may be measured, some examples of the sort of factors that SMSF DataFlow considers, per fund, under this policy include: number of funds registered, number of transactions processed and number of support calls received.

If we think your activities shows excessive use we may refuse you access to this feature and begin applying quota restrictions on your account.

To ensure we do not unreasonably restrict our customers, the following steps will occur if we consider that a service is showing excessive use:

Month 1:
SMSF DataFlow may contact individual customers identified as exceeding ten (10) times the average use of all customers, to discuss their usage requirements. Where a peak in usage occurs but is not expected to continue, no alternative arrangements are necessary.

Month 2:
If the excessive usage continues in a second month, a second contact may be made to discuss an alternative plan.

Month 3:
If the excessive usage continues into the third month, the customer may be informed that quota counting will be activated on their service and that they may prevented from or limited in their ability to use this service.

Illegal Use
Should the SMSF DataFlow Application or service be used for any illegal purpose – either under the terms and conditions or as defined by common law, SMSF DataFlow reserves the right to suspend access to the service or any other feature immediately, without notice to you.

SMSF DataFlow may update this Fair Use Policy from time to time to reflect company and customer feedback or improve the services provided.

Questions or comments
If you have any questions of comments concerning SMSF DataFlow's Fair Use Policy please contact us at support@smsfdataflow.com.au