SMSF DataFlow is terminating on 29 February 2020 and is no longer accepting new registrations for Trustees and Accountants.  If your fund is currently administered on Class, this change will not impact you. If you are an accountant and interested in joining Class please click here to contact us.  

For further question please contact SMSF Dataflow support team at

Your open and portable SuperStream solution

SMSFs need to receive employer super contributions using the Government's SuperStream Data and Payment Standard. 

What is SuperStream?

The SuperStream Data and Payment Standard is part of the Government's Stronger Super initiative and introduced a streamlined method of sending superannuation payments and associated information electronically.

To comply, every SMSF that receives employer contributions needs an electronic service address (ESA) and the software to receive their SuperStream data. Trustees need to provide this address to their employer in order to receive their contributions. 

To solve this issue, Class and GBST teamed up to provide SMSF DataFlow – a open and portable online service for the SMSF industry. The solution works for all accountants and all trustees for as long as required – it doesn’t matter what software an accountant uses or what bank account an SMSF chooses.  

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Find out more about SuperStream for SMSFs from the Australian Taxation Office here.


Trustees - register your SMSF - FREE

If you don’t have an ESA, your SMSF may not be able receive your employer contributions.

It takes one click to register with SMSF DataFlow and keep your contributions rolling in. Click to comply, free of charge, and we’ll do the rest. 

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Register as an Accountant - FREE

Register your SMSF clients here to ensure they can comply and you have access to all the contribution data you need. 


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The SMSF DataFlow application (Application) is operated by Class Super Pty Ltd (Class) on behalf of its clients and partners. Our commitment to protecting your privacy is paramount. Our policy applies to this application and governs data collection and usage. By using this application, you consent to the data practices described in this statement.

Hear what others have to say


 “The Government’s initiative with SuperStream adds a significant level of complexity to running an SMSF. Whilst we applaud the Government’s desire to move toward a fully automated superannuation industry, it does pose a challenge for SMSF Trustees who are required to comply.

Class Super’s SMSF DataFlow, is a simple solution.”



“As one of the Cooper Review panel members that recommended the SuperStream initiatives, I am delighted to see Class providing a way for SMSF trustees to comply with their new obligations with minimal effort and cost."

- Meg Heffron, Heffron SMSF Solutions


“We have so much confidence in Class.

Their SuperStream solution, SMSF Dataflow, is the first in the market and cements their place as an industry leader. Class delivers – simple as that!”

- Kris Kitto, Intello